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Friday, February 25, 2011

Couponing In Utah

I run  I post daily deals, coupons, how to tips and more.  
For those of you that have been asking me here you go...Here is a mini crash course on couponing in Utah.

Couponing is a fun game for me.  Couponing in Utah is a lot trickier and harder than it was in Georgia.  Grocery stores out here don't do double coupons...besides on a rare special occasion.  Plus...Utah grocery stores rarely have coupon dispensers, and it is rare to find the peelies in Utah.  However, I have been having quite a bit of luck in the couponing world.
Side note:  I will be honest...I only buy things I know I will use.  Coupon/bargain hogs bug me.  If I am not going to use it...even if it is free, I am NOT buying it.
Best coupon deals I find in Utah are when you can use both a store coupon and manufacturer's coupon.  I do this with Target, RiteAid, and Walgreens. 
Where do I get my coupons from?
*Betty Crocker
* Red Plum 
* Cool Savings 
*Shop at Home
*Walmart and Winco sell the Sunday preview paper on get 2 newspapers for $3, so you get double the coupons!
Where do I learn about great deals?  
*I look through the sales in the newspaper.
*I am part of several fb groups...LOVE these!  The Shopping Mama, Pinching Your Pennies, Freebies 2 Deals, Savvy Shopper, Shop At Home
 Getting the biggest bang for your buck:
*Target:  Go here to print coupons you need.  Look through your online coupons and Sunday newspaper coupons, and try to match store coupons with manufacturer's coupon.
*Walgreens:  Look at their weekly ad, in store coupon book, and online coupons...then match your coupons from online and Sunday newspaper. I buy things on different receipts, so I can use my register rewards right away.
*Rite Aid:  I like to use my Up rewards right away, so I normally check out with about 5 different receipts. (Yes, people HATE checking out behind me.....However, I am nice, and I let people check out in between my purchases.)  I love Rite Aid video them, and print the coupons (You can match coupons  from the newspaper and online.).  If you watch "x" amount of videos, you get money off your bill for any non prescription items.  This month I got 3-$1 off coupons, and 1-$2 off coupon for watching videos. 

Hope this helps...if you know of more deals/coupon/etc let me know!


Andrea said...

thanks! this will help a lot to get started!

Aberro said...

Thanks for doing this chick. This helps me so much. Unfortunately,TEXAS stinks too at couponing. :-( So....yeah, unsure how I got off the list of your private blog, but here is my email again.

Hug yourself and that precious baby for me.


cheryl said...

Great sites. I can't wait to shop in Utah.

T said...

Great quick course. We're just getting started and this makes a lot of sense. Utah is certainly not "coupon friendly" anymore so this will help a lot.

Hannah Ashmore said...

I am not sure where in Utah you live, but Utah County Walmarts double coupons on Tuesday. I have been finding several great deals there. I also run a coupon web site.

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